Monday, November 1, 2010

Japanese Robot Asimo Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Yesterday the Honda Humanoid robot, Asimo, celebrated its 10th anniversary (shouldn't that be birthday?)

As Honda News reports:

ASIMO has reached a huge milestone and will celebrate its 10th Anniversary on 31st October. A decade ago, Honda created a humanoid robot so advanced it started a revolution in humanoid robot technology. To mark this date, dedicated Anniversary websites and films have been launched today, with new photos, videos, the story of its creation and smartphone apps.

Here's a video of the 10th anniversary celebration:


Here is the first Asimo TV commercial:

I remember that it wasn't that long ago when Japan was coming out with many exciting ideas and products... When will Japan capture that magic again?

1 comment:

Ira Hata said...

As long as Japan allows for significant investments from non-Japanese, it will not happen. Why? Because western investors are focused on short-term gain. The old Japan (without influence from western interests) spent time, energy, and capital on long-term projects. Back in the day, R&D budgets were up to 20% of gross profits. That's not happening today. Don't hold your breadth...

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