Sunday, November 28, 2010

JPモルガンを潰そうキャンペーン! Max Keiser

JPモルガンを潰そうキャンペーン! Let's Fight Back Against the

 Financial Terrorists! (ビデオは下)

Max Keiser has a great idea as to how we can fight back against the corrupt banking system:

MK: The question in not whether or not buying Silver crashes JP Morgan. No one is saying – not even JP Morgan – that it’s not possible if enough people mobilize and take physical delivery. The question now is whether or not the people of Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Hungary, France, Argentina, and all the countries being forced to give up their sovereignty to bail out the bankers and the IMF are willing to spend a few bucks to save themselves. The only defense JP Morgan has, the only way their stock can be saved from ZERO is if central banks print more money – - – but that only means that the remaining shorts on JP Morgan’s books are even more damaging to their balance sheet and the Silver in your hand is worth even more!!!! Don’t be a fucking idiot and don’t be swayed by those who think you’re not angry enough to take down the principle architect of your misery. Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver. 


After a few drinks and after watching Max Keiser, I got enthused and decided to make this (slightly) drunken rant!

See Max Keiser here. Not only is Max great at saying the truth about our financial mess, he is excellent at running a web site. 

My recommended place to buy gold or silver in Tokyo here



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