Saturday, November 6, 2010

Japan Has the Best Kid's Show Ever Made! Starfish Hitler!

Yes we do have a lot of weird characters in kids TV shows in Japan. But I think this one takes the cake. Starfish Hitler!

I stumbled on this one on Video Gum... It says:

A lot of people, when they watch this video about a martial artist who has to dress up in his space bug costume in order to fight Starfish Hitler in the forest, which is a type of Hitler that can shape-shift into a starfish (or is it a type of starfish that can shape-shift into a Hitler?), they think “Oh, LOL,” or “I don’t like documentaries.” Not me. What I think is, “OH GREAT, you’re telling me that now when I complete construction on my time machine I have to go back in time and KILL HITLER but first I have to stop in 1970s Japan to KILL STARFISH HITLER, too?” That is what I think when I watch this. Because I’m an idiot.

That cracks me up... When the starfish turns into Hitler Starfish he says he's the Dictator of Hell! Sounds like a great name for a Punk Band!

This gets my award for the best kids TV show ever made.

1 comment:

Ira Hata said...

It was Kamen Rider...


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