Sunday, November 14, 2010

Complaints About the Sorry State of Japanese Politics

As was reported on this blog - before the mainstream Japanese media reported it - a video of the collision between a Japanese Coast Guard vessel and a Chinese fishing ship was leaked on the internet. You can read that blog here.

At that time, I complained that the Japanese government mishandled the situation and should have made this video public before the anti-Japanese protests began in China. Had the Chinese people know the truth about this event, they probably wouldn't have been out creating hatred for Japan...

Also, the Chinese government lying and telling the Chinese public that the Japanese Coast Guard ships rammed the Chinese ship, didn't help to ease tensions. 

Then after the video was leaked showing the truth, we have foolish people in Japan out demonstrating against China.

I wish for peace and goodwill between the Chinese and Japanese people. 

Their respective governments can go and jump in a lake for all I care.

A regular reader writes in:

The Japanese government is now preparing to arrest the Coast Guard employee who "felt that the public should know the truth" and posted the videos of the Chinese boat ramming the Japanese Coast Guard ship on You Tube.

The public, including me, feel that he should be left alone.

Like I've been saying all along, everyone should be focusing their attention on the idiot politicians and how they handled the incident.

I hope you write a good blog about it so the world will question the stupidity of the fools who are running this country.

I hate to disappoint, but I really haven't much to say about this excepting that it is par for the course. 

The only thing that I will say is that I believe that it was the Japanese government who had a duty to keep this incident from turning into a "foaming-at-the-mouth" event and having regular Chinese people shouting out anti-Japanese remarks at demonstrations (that the Chinese government prodded on for their own ulterior motives)

The Japanese government had a duty to make the truth public. They didn't. The situation got out of hand and one lone guy decided to take it upon himself to tell the truth...

Now, instead of some idiot person higher up in the government taking the fall, they will put the blame on some lower soldier who took and oath to protect his people and his country.

What's wrong with this picture?

As George Orwell once wrote: "In a time of universal deceittelling the truth is a revolutionary act." 

The truth of the matter should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention: The true villians in this mess are not the Japanese or Chinese people. Just like as in the United States; the true enemy of the people is the government. 

As Randolph Bourne wrote: in War is the Health of the State:

The Government, with no mandate from the people, without consultation of the people, conducts all the negotiations, the backing and filling, the menaces and explanations, which slowly bring it into collision with some other Government, and gently and irresistibly slides the country into war. 

Read more why it is the government, and their incompetency and motivations, that cause these problems in War is the Health of the State.

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Ira Hata said...

Well said, Mike.

Thank you for your insights.


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