Friday, November 5, 2010

Video of China - Japan Ship Collision Leaked on YouTube

The word comes out that the video of the ship collision between the Japanese Coast Guard and the Chinese fishing boat has leaked on Youtube. Now, how in the world could that have happened?

Here's my guess: The Japanese government, not being adept at marketing, felt that they were losing in the battle of public opinion. They probably especially felt, and rightly so, that the Chinese government was using this incident as propaganda to get the Chinese public's mind off of domestic problems. I wrote about that here.

Now, I'll bet, the Japanese have finally gotten smart and decided to use YouTube to "accidentally leak" this video.

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

Video footage of a ship collision between Japan's coastguard and a Chinese trawler two months ago has been leaked online, threatening to further strain Tokyo-Beijing ties, media reports said Friday. The two Asian giants have been embroiled in their worst spat in years over the incident in early September near a disputed island chain in the East China Sea, which led Japan to arrest the skipper and detain him for several weeks. China called the arrest invalid and illegal and reacted with a series of protests and other diplomatic countermeasures.




And, in case Youtube deletes the above video... Here is a copy stored where they can't delete it:

(Note: The comments, "See what kind of a country the People's Republic of China is" etc..are not mine. This video is not mine. The purpose of placing this video here is merely to get the truth out. Personally, I hope Japan and China can peacefully settle this problem in an atmosphere of mutual respect.)  

Well,... Uh, China... Your guy looks like he intentionally rammed that Japanese ship... Needs a court trial but I'd say from the looks of this that he's guilty. Better get a good lawyer. 

Two things I wonder now:

1) Why the Japanese government didn't stick to their guns and keep this guy in custody.

2) Why didn't the Japanese government "leak" this video sooner?

Oh, I know the reason for #2... It's called, INCOMPETENCE.

Read more:

Thanks to News on Japan


Ira Hata said...

You're absolutely right, Mike.

The Japanese should have done this sooner.

When you have a good number of celebrities and Olympic athletes working along side ego centric politicians in the diet, that's what you get...


Sachiko K. said...

I completely agree to your opinion, Mike san.
I thought the same when I watched this news.

Japanese government finally noticed that there's an information strategy in the world!

It's little late...It may be more accurate to say that they took time to do it for getting approval "Hanko"(stamp) to the document at each department. ;)

Andy "In Japan" said...

What the Chinese captain did was wrong, and certainly had the shoe been on the other foot and a Japanese boat intentionally rammed a Chinese Coast Guard vessel the ship Captain would still be in prison.

The Chinese government should have permitted the Japanese to prosecute the Captain for reckless behavior resulting in damage and potential bodily injury or even loss of life.

Makes no difference whether or not Japan or China owns these islands. According to common law principles, you can't just ram your boat into another boat on purpose like that simply because you're angry. Anywhere.

Thumbs down to the Chinese government for being totally unreasonable.

Although I would have to say that a first time incident like this probably should result in compensation for actual damages plus a heavy fine, not a jail sentence.

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