Thursday, November 11, 2010

Man Commits Suicide Live on U-Stream

Now this is bizarre! News Time reports that a Japanese man has committed suicide on live streaming on the Internet:

Reports from Japan today say that a 24 year old man took his life live on the Internet.

The suicide occured after the man - who comes from the city of Sendai - had posted complaints about his job online after being placed on extended sick leave from August.

On Sunday night he broadcast his intentions to kill himself on live streaming service Ustream. He had been discussing his views on life with an audience on the site.

His broadcast received feedback from users with some encouraging him to end his life as he planned.

On Tuesday he resumed his broadcast and he hung himself at around 05h30 in the morning.

The Ustream service stopped the broadcast around half an hour later after receiving reports from viewers. The man’s body was found by police later in the morning.

Japan has averaged over 30,000 suicides a year for the past 12 years which is one of the world’s highest suicide rates. 


Ira Hata said...

As my dad always said, "the only cure for stupidity is death"...


Anonymous said...

WTF!!!!???!!?? Is going on over there?

Anonymous said...

perhaps hang him high had a night OUT in say shimokitazawa. perhaps at a "live house" and THAT was the trigger pulling the trigger.
hangin` out...

U stream... we have a problem. please call for the (untrained) ambulance drivers in tokyo, rush him in ( if can find a hospital open) before he/she ties up, in a not(s)....!

Anonymous said...

uhm whaaaa the hell is wrong with humanity.
is suicide now entertainment??

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