Sunday, November 7, 2010

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Page Ranking

I've written extensively on how to increase your page rankings before here by use of keywords; here by blogging; here by creation of a online persona; and here by letting employees blog.

I'll be writing more tips very soon. But here is a simple and short review by Kevin Van Zonneveld.

Kevin always has great tips on how to more effectively use the Internet and Social Media.

Today, he has an article about increasing your page rank.

From Kevin Van Zonneveld:

Top 5 ways to increase PageRank

I scourged the web today looking for the very best (and free) tips on increasing a site'sPageRank, and I figure it basically comes down to these simple tips:

Top 5

  1. Get lots of backlinks from quality sites. 
    One way to do this is to write articles and submit them to websites accepting author submissions. You could just 
    google for these sites. Also it's good to inlcude your keywords in the anchor text from the sites linking to you.
  2. Add your url to the Open Directory Project
  3. Sign up for Google's Webmaster Tools
    So you can learn more about how your site is crawled and to submit your
  4. Get W3C validated so a bot cannot be confused by bad code.
  5. Use clear URLs for your pages. 
    /title-of-post is much more descriptive than /?post_id=23452 for the crawlers as well as the visitors. I've also written an how-to on this subject, called 
    Beautify URLs.
None of these are earthshaking but it's good to always keep these in mind. Kevin also confirms what I have written repeatedly that having a blog is critical!

Read more at Kevin Van Zonneveld.

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