Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life Magazine's World War II Invasion of the USA

I don't really have to say this anyone who has been paying attention, but even today, the US government - along with a lapdog mass media - promotes a siege mentality among the American public to try to scare the people. When the people are afraid of the boogie man, it helps the government to convince average Joe-Blow to give up his freedoms for security and helps to expand the power of the central government...

Why would Joe Blow give up his freedoms? Because, don't you know? There are "evil-doers" who want to attack the USA and destroy our way of life.

Why would they want to do that? Well, of course silly, because they hate us for our freedoms... Not because we run an empire and bomb their cities, killing their women and children... No! No! No!

We're the good guys, remember?

Here's a nonsense article from Life Magazine during World War Two that shows the "plan" for the invasion on the USA by those sneaky Krauts and dirty Nips.

The Germans couldn't even invade England which is 90 miles offshore (not to mention that Germany didn't have a navy besides a few ships and submarines); and Japan never had the capacity to amass more than a few hundred small landing craft...

Here's a good article that shows why a German or Japanese invasions of the USA was only a figment of American imaginations.

But, for now, here's some fun silliness from the heady days of World War II... Gosh, I'm glad this didn't come about, or we'd all be speaking German or Japanese. Isn't that laughable? Can't even get the average American to speak proper English, there's no way they can speak another language.

Click on the images and read the nonsense that's written on each page. This is a howler. They call this journalism? This is more suited to Superman comics.

Here's the article. Enjoy!

Seriously, the writer of this article should have chosen a career with DC comics.

Check that out on the left side. It says, "Nazi naval units join Jap fleet." 
I want to know what this writer is smoking and have the same.

"The Jap fleet supported by the Germans!?" By 1941 the German's didn't have any surface
ships left excepting the Tirpitz which sat in Norway for the entire war.

Invasion pours up the Mississipi valley!? Granny! Get muh shotgun! The Germans are coming!

Note the Fifth Column of spies who are inside of the USA ready to
destroy our freedoms! Mein gott! There are spies everywhere!

The classic invasion!? Since when? The "Germans could readily bomb Chicago,
Detroit, Akron..." Akron? Why in the world would anyone want to bomb Akron? 

Read much more cool stuff at i09.


Ira Hata said...

So why were Japanese Americans put into internment camps while German and Italian Americans were allowed to roam free, Mike?


Anonymous said...

Because it's difficult to spot a German American or Italian American from any other.... I think it is called, in some circles, White Cultural Superiority Complex"...Isn't that obvious?

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