Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Japanese Babe is the Most Beautiful Dentist in the World?

Well, once again, my favorite real Japanese news site, Tokyo Reporter, has come through with the real information about Japan that you want to know (not like that nonsense report I just wrote about the vending machine with the naked girls in it!)

The Tokyo Reporter has found the most beautiful dentist in the world.

From Tokyo Reporter:

From town council members to fishing experts to political supporters, news reports have celebrated the rise of very attractive females in the public eye, but weekly tabloid Friday (Nov. 5) has found a dentist in Niigata who meets that description, notably because her appearance is that of a club hostess.
Miwako Kimura, 29, has received a lot of attention via social-networking site Twitter, such as being the target of such comments as, “Isn’t she really a hostess?” and “Nicely done with that spiraling hair.” In fact, she is an assistant director of the Kimura Dental Clinic in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture.
Her profile pic on the clinic’s webiste shows her with layered hair and more emphasis than usual on the mascara around her eyes, a typical feature of a kyabajo, or bar hostess.
Yes. Very impressive. With Miwako as my dentist I'm sure I, and millions of other guys just like me,  could imagine lots of "drilling."

Check out Tokyo Reporter here. And tell them Mike sent you.


Anonymous said...

She does look like a bar hostess but isn't all that babely...

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Yeah, but I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating sembei

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