Sunday, November 28, 2010

Korea's Nearing All Out War? Artillery Heard in North Korea! Breaking!

Artillery Heard in North Korea; U.S. Carrier Enters Yellow Sea 28 Nov 2010 Residents of South Korea’s Yeonpyeong island were ordered to bomb shelters after artillery shots were heard on the North Korean mainland and U.S. warships began naval exercises in the nearby waters of the Yellow Sea. The echo of shots rang out this morning, said a South Korean Defense Ministry official who declined to be named, citing military policy. While residents were later allowed out of shelters, the aircraft carrier USS George Washington joined South Korean vessels for four days of drills.

US, S.Korea in show of force as islanders take refuge 28 Nov 2010 The United States and South Korea staged a potent show of naval strength Sunday as residents of a border island bombarded last week by North Korea scurried for shelter for fear of a new attack. The Yellow Sea naval drill, spearheaded by the massive US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington, aims to send a message of deterrence to the North but has sparked strong criticism from Pyongyang's ally China.

North Korea readies missiles as U.S.-South Korea drill begins 27 Nov 2010 North Korea has placed surface-to-surface missiles on launch pads in the Yellow Sea, Yonhap news agency reported on Sunday, as the United States and South Korea began joint military exercises that have upset neighbor China. The agency also said North Korea had moved surface-to-air missiles to frontline areas, days after it shelled a tiny South Korean island killing four people. The North's official KCNA news agency warned of retaliatory action if its territory is violated.

Japan on high alert amid war games 28 Nov 2010 Japan is increasing its vigilance amid a joint military drill by the United States and South Korea in the Yellow Sea a week after an alleged North Korean attack on the Yeonpyeong Island. Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan told reporters on Friday night that the government is taking all possible measures, Japan's public broadcaster NHK reported on Saturday. Kan instructed all cabinet ministers to remain in Tokyo during the military exercises in order to prepare for any contingency.

The questions must be asked, "Why is this happening now?" Is this a game to help prop up a failing US Dollar?

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