Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Japan Has the Coolest Keychains

In Japan, keychains and cellphone straps are must have items for every student in the country... Even if they only have one phone and one key, they have several key and cell phone chains.

In America, they have the funniest and most bizarre websites. America might be messed up but, because of that wildness, some folks have great ideas. 

And one of those great ideas has to do with bacon.... I'll admit it like most guys I love bacon. With bacon, you can fix any terrible meal.

Well, along those lines, there's a funny website in the states that is all a website should be. I've written before about how a focused website is critical (even this website is too wide spread - but I'm working on it). But here is a website that is about just one thing: Bacon! Like I said, how can you go wrong with bacon?

The site is called The Daily Bacon and today it has a feature about cool keychains from Japan:

As a nerd I have always been partial to the Lego Star Wars mini figure keychains, but this absolutely takes the cake…

Seriously, if a cooler keychain exists I don’t know about it!
Now that’s a burger…bacon, cheese, avacado, tomato, blah, blah, blah, yum, yum, yum…
This little wonder is from the Japanese company Re-Ment.  It’s one of a series of 12 sculpted food keychains. 

They're $1.99 and available at the Japanese supermarket chain Mitsuwa. Thing is each package is a blind draw, so you have no idea if you’ll get a bowl of ramen or what I am officially calling the coolest keychain ever.
If you are a bacon fan or need a daily bacon fix, then try  The Daily Bacon and tell them Mike sent you.

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