Monday, November 8, 2010

George William's Top 5 Music Videos (11/08/10)

George Williams runs two of the highest rated music shows in Japan: GGTV on Music on TV (which has one of the lamest webpages in the entire free world. See it here.) and BAM! on 76.1 InterFM (which is second). His own site kicks ass and is the only one like it in Japan! See it here.

But! Without me, he'd be serving ramen at some dumpy ramen shop...Anyway, this George dude wants to start making a Top 5 video show on his music site at and wanted me to help him... Get real!

Well, OK... But just for this week or so...

So here's the Top 5... 6.... Whatever....

#6 The 88 - "Nobody Cares"

#5 Foals - "This Orient"

#4 Interpol - "Barricade"

#3 The Electric Prunes - "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night"

#2 Idlewild - "Readers & Writers"

#1 Barb Wire Dolls - "Let it Out"

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