Monday, November 8, 2010

Incredibly Sexy Japanese Bass Player!?

Hey struggling musician! You need to get noticed? You've come to the right place! But first...

One of my regular readers writes about my former post concerning anti-Chinese demonstrations;

"Now that we have covered Japan-China political affairs, how about posting some more pics of sexy Japo hiking girls and stories about teen age porn stars. That stuff is way more fun."

Well, OK... But the good stuff is really hard to find (unless you go to any Japanese bookstore on any given day)... So, until then, how about a Japanese cross dressing Bass Player?

A lot of people might watch this and think, "WTF?" But I think this guy is very smart. Look, there's lots of very excellent musicians out there and it's tough to get noticed.

This shows me that this guy can play and he has a sense of humor. If he didn't get a good gig from this video, I'd be shocked.


Andy "In Japan" said...

Mike, looks like I am going to have to excuse myself on 19th Ammendment grounds as I was drunk when I wrote that post. Not sure what kind of gigs this guy will get with this marketing stunt of his, but I heard Japan has some wild New-Half clubs. Maybe that's a topic for another day.

Anonymous said...

This guy can jam!

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