Sunday, November 7, 2010

Now We Have Anti-Chinese Demonstrations!?

You've got to be kidding me! I thought Japanese people were smarter and more peaceful than this. The average Japanese goes and complains that "China is a scary country" then they go out and do the exact same stupid thing the average ill-informed Chinese is doing...

What nonsense...

After the "Anti-Japanese" rallies in China... Which the Chinese government used for domestic purposes...

Then we have the "leaking" of the video of a Chinese fishing ship ramming the Japanese Coast Guard ship... Which the Japanese government claims they knew nothing about...

We now have our fair share of lunatics on this side of the Sea of Japan: Japanese nationalists protesting against China.

AFP reports:

About 4,000 anti-China protesters rallied in Tokyo on Saturday, with their anger fuelled by a video capturing a collision between Chinese and Japanese vessels which sparked a diplomatic spat.
Really, stupid people shouldn't have children...

Brandishing imperialist "Rising Sun" flags, the demonstrators gathered at an open air concert hall in the centre of the capital, a chorus of Japan's national anthem serving as an opening ceremony.

Those are not "Rising Sun" flags. This is a Rising Sun flag. It is called Nishoka. It is the flag that the Imperial Japanese Navy used up until the end of World War II.


But let us not be confused with facts when it comes to sensationalist reporting. The article continues:
It was the latest in a series of demonstrations against Beijing's claim to a disputed island chain in the East China Sea, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China. There have also been several anti-Japan rallies in China.
"Watching the video, I'm convinced that it was an act of terrorism," said Masumi Yokuni, a 30-year-old housewife wearing a traditional Japanese kimono.
This sort of thing doesn't bode well...

"We have to take action against anyone who is trying to grab our territory," she said at the open air venue, where organisers repeatedly showed footage of the collision on a TV.
Jeez, people... Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we're living in the bad economic times of the 1930's and the government's find these sorts of displays useful for their goals?

Don't you think that China and Japan have enough trouble - and enough of a troubled past - without having people like this nutty lady above - running around and teaching her 7 year old children how to hate?
This nonsense is getting out of hand.

Japan and China need peace and cooperation - NOT nationalistic demonstrations that serve no good purpose except to get the savages all riled up and foaming at the mouth.


Ira Hata said...

There's a word called "heiwa boke" in Japanese which you should seriously consider before writing about nationalism and things getting out of hand.

I recently watched an interview with war photojournalist Yoichi Watanabe, a man who actively promotes peace and mutual understanding, who said "Japan is a unique country on this planet" and Japanese should understand that the rest of world does not think or act like them. He said "it isn't fair for Japanese to judge other countries for their 'different views and attitudes'" citing heiwa boke as not healthy for Japan.

This country is full of zombies who are simply working to die (not to live). The country has lost its identity and original values. It needs to be stimulated. So what if some people are demonstrating against China. Maybe that's what this country needs.

The video you posted earlier clearly shows that the Chinese boat intentionally rammed the Japanese Coast Guard. After that, they stopped all shipments of rare earth, setting the Japanese economy back 15%. Is Japan supposed to shut up and let them screw with everyone's lives?

I'm sorry to say that you've lived in Japan too long, Mike. When I look up "heiwa boke" in the dictionary, you're picture is right there...


Bas said...

"Japanese should understand that the rest of world does not think or act like them."

Now that's complete nonsense. This "we against the rest of the world"-attitude is exactly what gives many Japanese people this awkward mix of childish national pride on one hand, and sense of inferiority on the other.

Wake up, people. This is the 21st century. Why does Japan have horrible foreign relations with almost all of its neighboring countries ( China, South Korea, North Korea, USA, Russia)? Perhaps not officially, but at least enough people are constantly ranting against these countries. This is one planet, and Japanese people are humans just like everyone else.

If there are unsettled issues as a result from WWII or earlier, grow some balls and deal with them in a mature and responsible way. Other countries (e.g. former Nazi Germany) did the same decades ago.

At the end of the day, Japan is just a bunch of islands on the surface of the Earth. Period.

Andy "In Japan" said...

It truly is sickening to see adults teaching their children to hate. Let's also recognize that that there are a billion+ Chinese people and the average person is most certainly NOT bringing their child to an anti Japan rally. In fact, the vast majority of Chinese are not likely very interested in the issue of those islands. Just because the ruling party bosses in China are acting like jerks over the fishing boat incident is no good reason to encourage hate toward the other billion or so Chinese people. Mike..thanks for writing what you did on this topic. You are spot on.

Andy "In Japan" said...

Now that we have covered Japan-China political affairs, how about posting some more pics of sexy Japo hiking girls and stories about teen age porn stars. That stuff is way more fun.

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