Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hell Driver: Japanese Cinema That is Ridiculous and Fun?

Yoshihiro Nishimura has a new film out. The movie is called, "Hell Driver." I guess it was released just before Halloween to coincide with the (non) holiday in Japan. It looks really crappy... Nishimura makes lots of crappy films... You can guess this by the titles.  I think they are supposed to be funny but the joke wears off really quick.

Who could forget the classic; Vampire Girl versus Frankenstein Girl? Uh, everyone? Yep... (at least it had a better trailer - see below).

Poster for Vampire Girl versus Frankenstein Girl

Seriously, really... There are people who actually pay money to go and watch these things?...

Film School Rejects writes:

Kika (Yumiko Hara) has her heart ripped out of her chest by her mother – a vicious woman who gives birth to a massive horde of zombies given power by the horns sticking out of their foreheads. The horde is mostly relegated behind a partition wall that separates Human Japan from Zombie Japan, but Kika teams up to go get her heart back and destroy all the zombies so that the country can be united again.
Nishimura’s films are nothing if not live-action cartoons with brilliant make up on display. They are nonsensical parodies that infuse a lot of random humor and vibrant violence that usually involve catchy Japanese pop music playing over a scene of a blood geyser forming where someone’s head used to be. In short, they are ridiculous and fun.
Unfortunately, the wacky nature of his other work is abandoned here for a slightly more dramatic tone, and (even with a few random jokes inserted in) that tone kills any joy or pleasure that can be derived from the madness. 

Forget going to see this dog of a film. Just watch the trailer and you'll have seen all you need to see... But then again, I can see where this is so stupid that it is good in a sort of Monty Python kind of way:

If you are a glutton for punishment, then here's the trailer for Vampire Girl versus Frankenstein Girl. At least this one has cool rock music in it:


Anonymous said...

B grade Tarantino films. Looks fun...

Anonymous said...

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