Sunday, September 19, 2010

All Nippon Airways Announces Daily Flights to LA from Haneda Airport

I had just blogged about what a kick butt company All Nippon Airways (ANA) is and then, two days later, they send me some information by e-mail asking me to promote their new service to Los Angeles from Haneda airport. (Besides other flights to America, Europe and Canada - check their webpage!)

See? I told you that this was a world class operation. They even keep up on the Internet chatter about their company and ask me to write about their service. That's the sign of an aggressive company that's going places in this new economy.
I'm flattered that they would check my blog and I'm flattered that they would send me information and ask me to write about it... OK, I will write about it.

Starting October 31 All Nippon Airways is proud to announce direct daily service to Los Angeles (LAX) from Tokyo's very convenient Haneda airport - just thirty minutes from downtown Tokyo! No more having to waste 3 or 4 hours getting to Narita! A person could work their regular day, have a late, relaxing dinner, then pop off to Haneda for a relaxing night trip to LA. What could be easier?

The flights depart from Haneda at 0:05 (5 minutes past midnight) and arrive in LA at 17:55 (5:55 pm the previous calendar day).

From Los Angeles, the flights depart at 0:55 (55 minutes past midnight) and arrive back in Haneda at 5:00 (5:00 am the following day).

For more information, see the ANA website:

ANA webpage in English:

 羽田 0:05発 ⇒ ロサンゼルス 17:55(前日)
 ロサンゼルス 0:55発 ⇒ 羽田 5:00着(翌日)
 また成田 17:05発 ⇒ ロサンゼルス 10:45着
   ロサンゼルス 12:35発 ⇒ 16:25着(翌日)

国内線予約:0570-029-222  国際線予約:0570-029-333


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Andy "In Japan" said...

JAL is also starting service from Haneda, to San Francisco and Hawaii in October. In the US, the airlines charge extra for everything. I wonder whether the plan for ANA and JAL is to charge a higher price for Haneda based flights. How much more will people pay for convenience? Its an interesting marketing question and I agree with Mike that it is wonderful that Haneda service is now available for international travel.

Andy "In Japan" said...

One other thing....based on my actual experience, Mike is absolutely spot on about ANA service and management. Better than JAL, by far. But is great service sustainable in the difficult airline industry? In 2008 ANA lost Y4.2 billion, in 2009 the loss was Y57.3 billion, and in the first quarter of 2010 fiscal year they lost Y5.2 billion. Can this otherwise well run firm turn a profit?

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