Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Japan's Trash Problem and Idiots in Government

Here's more proof that the fools we have running the government are just totally clueless and waste our tax money on ridiculous nonsense all the time. Japan has a huge trash problem. I wrote about that here. But this most recent idiocy takes the cake.

From Japan Probe:
A news report embeds itself with a police task force in Shizuoka prefecture that goes after people who illegally dump trash.
When they find an illegal dumping site, they send a stakeout team to watch the spot so that anyone who tries to dump again in the same place will be caught in the act. Because the dumping takes place in wooded mountainous areas, the cops wear camouflage and sneak around like commandos.
Sometimes, the illegal dumpers are a clever bunch. When dumping appliances and other junk in the woods, they cover it with dirt so it looks like it is just a harmless soil-dumping area. Other times, they aren’t so clever, such as the employees of a failed recycle shop who are arrested for starting a big bonfire and burning old appliances.
The police stakeout shown in the video drags on for 88 days until they finally arrest one man who is dumping a small load of trash. The man admits his guilt and is generally cooperative. Although he can face up to 5 years in jail and a 10,000,000 yen fine, the Japanese legal system will probably give him a suspended prison sentence if this is his first arrest. One man has been stopped, but there are many other illegal dumpers who have not been caught, including some who used the same spot. Even if this man is given a hefty fine, it might not equal the cost of paying a team of police officers to hold an 88-day stakeout.
The video is in Japanese but you can understand the madness..


If this doesn't prove that the government's answer to all our problem's is to spend and spend more money and to expand itself, no matter what, then I don't know what does. 
From Japan Probe


Graham said...

It's the only thing that can justify them setting up security cameras in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the nearest sign of civilization...

Andy "In Japan" said...

Alternative point of view...even though its a total waste of money, at least it gets the cops off the streets and puts them in an isolated place, far from other human beings. The average citizen is safer when even a few of the gang of extorters for the party bosses are sent off to a far away place.

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