Saturday, September 25, 2010

Great Short Movie Showing Life in Japan in 1963

The Internet Archives come through once again with this great film showing life in Japan in 1963. In those days,  Japan was experiencing an economic boom and was a trophy piece attraction for the United States to show the world that capitalism and American-style democracy was best for the world.

My, how things have changed!

At the start of the film is a 3:53 introduction by Bill Deneen that is mildly amusing. Especially the part where he says something like, "The Japanese economic miracle is too complicated and has too many facets to be all addressed in a 30-minute film... That's why we decided to make into two thirty minute films."

Pretty funny!

Things were really rolling for Japan in the early 1960's and by 1964, Japan returned to full honors in the world stage with the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. This is an excellently made film that really shows the Japan of 1963... Now, nearly 50 years ago.

If you've ever been to Japan or live here, then you will surely enjoy this film. The best part comes after about 24:00 into the film when the Japanese businessman comes home from work and his wife gives him a bath and a massage!... I knew it! I just knew it! Now why doesn't my wife give me a bath and a foot massage every night?

Oh, the good old days!



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