Saturday, September 4, 2010

Newsreel: Japan in 1946

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

More wonderful history from the Internet Archives. This striking 1 minute and 30 seconds newsreel shows life in 1946 Japan. Shortages everywhere. No food, jobs, work...

Tokyo 1946 by John Jolly

I chuckled at how the announcer says that "At black market prices, it costs ¥24,000 to build a house." Today, you couldn't build a house in Tokyo for less than a thousand times that price!

This newsreel was made by Universal Studios and the description reads:

"Japan: In the midst of black markets and inflationary prices, life for the average Japanese is grim and barren. Rebuilding homes and harvesting meagre crops keep some healthy and housed, but many have to tighten their belts." scenes of life in Japan, poverty, gardens planted, black market. (partial newsreel)

The shots of a bombed out Tokyo are pretty grim and hard to image today.


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