Monday, September 6, 2010

La Pianta. Best Tasting Italian Food and Value in Tokyo?

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Today, I'd like to introduce my favorite Italian restaurant in all of Setagaya; La Pianta in Sakurashinmachi.

La Pianta kitchen is immaculate and the service is excellent

For over 15 years, my family has been going to La Pianta in Sakurashimmachi. I think La Pianta is, by far, one of the best Italian restaurants in town. La Pianta has 5-star atmosphere and delicious food at a 3-star price. I wholeheartedly recommend the lunch specials!

Real Italian style pizza baked in a wood fire oven!

They even have a plan where kids can come on weekend days and have pizza parties!

Today, for lunch, I went to La Pianta with my wife and let me show you the fantastic food and great value we were able to get.

Today we both ordered the ¥945 yen pasta special. The pasta special comes with generous green salad, drinks, all you can eat delicious bread, and a choice of one pasta. My wife choose the clams in white sauce. I ordered the Penne.

Clams in white sauce on the left, Penne on the right in generous portions

Lunch comes with all you can drink tea or hot coffee too!

A large green salad, all you can eat delicious bread, a healthy-sized serving of your choice of pasta and all you can drink tea or coffee for ¥945!? In Tokyo?

I can eat there everyday. Try La Pianta in Sakurashinmachi. You will love it too!

La Pianta is a 4 minute walk from the west exit of Sakurashinmachi station. To get to Sakurashinmachi: Take the Den-en-Toshi local subway line from Shibuya station towards Chuorinkan. 4 stops to Sakurashinmachi. When you get to the station, go out the west exit. 

See La Pianta's homepage here:


La Pianta Address: Sakurashinmachi 1-21-15, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo-To, 154-0015
Tel: 03-5477-7890
〒154-0015 東京都世田谷区桜新町1-21-15

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