Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vintage Japanese Antique Postcards

I love old vintage art. There is a site on the Internet that specializes in collecting called Collect At. proudly states on their webpage that it is: 

Austria' s oldest and largest online mall for Antique Collectibles offers many kinds of unique Antiques and vintage Collectibles such as Oriental Antiquities, Autographs, vintage Postcards, old Graphics, antique Photos, History Documents, Stamps, Philately Collectibles and much more.  

I went to the site and found dozens of beautiful antique Japanese postcards there. I hope you enjoy the tour!

Raphael Kirchner Art Nouveau postcard depicting an older Chinese gentleman accompanied by a Geisha. Sent as postcard from New York to Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Old, tinted, Japanese postcard, depicting pretty young ladies in front of an impressive folding screen. One of the girls is playing a lute.

Japanese vintage postcard with view at a war ship with Emperor Hirohito and his men, inspecting the fleet. The Imperial Japanese Navy was the navy of the Empire of Japan from 1869 until 1947, when it was dissolved following Japan's constitutional renunciation of the use of force as a means of settling international disputes. It was the third largest navy in the world by 1920 behind the Royal Navy and United States Navy.

Imperial Japan: Lithographed colour postcard after a painting, depicting Samurai fighting. Attached is a 2 Sen fiscal stamp tied by a postal cancellation.

Japan, Kyoto: Japanese vintage postcard, made from a color woodblock print for the use as advertising postcard. Depicted is the entrance to the Hotel Kyoyamato in Kyoto.

"The Street, of Ueno Tokyo“. View from bird’s eye view at street with streetcar and wheel barrows.

Interesting, decorative Japanese woodblock print ( Kitagawa Utamaro ) as postcard, from 1910. It shows 2 ladies in attractive Kimono and a baby. One lady preparing giving mother's milk to the baby

Decorative, old, Japanese Postcard as advertising for Nagoya Hotel. Lithographed background and photos of hotel and dining room, restaurant.

1906, December 29th: The Japanese Crown Prince sitting in a cart, driving through a street of Tokyo, masses along the street. Mint, fine condition, issued by Hilger in Berlin.

Old postcard from Osaka. Attached are a ½ Sen Earthquake stamp tied by a clear violet Osaka strike and a 10 Sen Chrysenthamum. The postcard has been sent to Vienna. It comes from the Ignaz Winkler philately collection which specialized in Japanese and Chinese postal history.

Japanese cruiser, capturing a Russian merchant ship.

Japan, China: Very decorative, Japanese propaganda postcard for China Revolution Dept - campaign. The postcard shows a Chinese boy and silhouettes of workers and soldiers.

1911: Japanese panorama postcard with view at a place in Tokyo, a Shinto temple for fallen soldiers , an army museum and the statue of a Vice-admiral.
3 parts as one postcard. Text in German ( by a Japanese ), sent in an envelope.

Hibiya Park at Tokyo. A group of charming young ladies in this park. Stamped with a 1/2 Sen Japanese Post in China stamp. Sent to Styria in Austria. CTO cancellation, sent in an envelope.

Old Japanese Photo-Postcard, depicting a Zeppelin-airship over a Japanese village.

Old, tinted, Japanese postcard, depicting pretty young ladies in colorful Kimono, playing. The postcard has been sent to Italy, Naples. Attached is a 4 Sen stamp

Old Japan: b/w vintage postcard with soldiers of the seventh army with guns ready, posted in the streets.

Old color-postcard "The Japanese army crossing the Ihoriver." Artist-signed postcard, used 1904 in Hungary. 

Decorative vintage postcard as advertising: Nagayo Hotel. Lithographed and photographed views of the Hotel. 4 Sen stamp with clear Nagoya and Yokohama cancellations. Sent to Cincinnatti, Ohio.

Cochinchine - Saigon - Artiste Japonaise - Premier Role.
b/w vintage postcard depicting a female Japanese actress in traditional theatre robe.

To see many more vintage postcards from old Japan, go to Collect At.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for these vintage postcards mike.
please keep going.
i bookmarked it. will return.
im into design and vintage things as well.
congratulations on your success in japan.... boy i miss living in japan.


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