Friday, September 3, 2010

Marketing Japan: Dobro, Best Mediterranean Food in Tokyo?

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Last night I went to Kyobashi on the Ginza Line to eat dinner with friends at a wonderful Croatian food restaurant called Dobro. It was a delicious dinner and a really wonderful experience.

Dobro means "Good" in Croatian and that's not just what it was; it was fantastic. Upon entering Dobro, one immediately gets the feeling that they are not in Tokyo but have gone to another country. The atmosphere inside of the restaurant is completely different. It is just like you've been miraculously transported to Zagreb or Dubrovnik.

Inside of Dobro. Beautiful aesthetics and atmosphere.

Passing the lively and spotlessly clean kitchen on the right, one is presented with a beautiful mural painting that represents Croatia in her simplicity and beauty.

We started off our dinner with some fine Croatia wine Grasevina. It was quite excellent really.

We enjoyed the set menu called, the Dobro Course that sold for ¥5,500 (about $50 per person). It was heavenly. The course included the delicious house bread and raw ham; a plate of various vegetable based appetizers. Another fabulous item called (in Japanese) "Shutukuri" which was sort of like a cheese filled ravioli.

Many taste treats from Croatia. Sarma in the middle.

The main dish was a rolled cabbage called Sarma which is the most popular dish at Dobro and I could see why. I am not a big fan of rolled cabbage but this was completely different than any rolled cabbage I have ever had before! This Sarma rolled cabbage that soaked and simmered for at least three hours in perfectly seasoned broth was absolutely gorgeous. I have never tasted anything like it before. Now I understand why it is the most popular dish of the many repeat customers of Dobro.

If you are looking for something very different in Tokyo that is fine and very romantic, I strongly suggest taking a trip to Dobro, Tokyo's only Croatian Restaurant.

And, after that, if you are interested in more things Croatian, visit the Croatia Government Tourist Bureau's Japan site here. 

Croatia! It is the Mediterranean the way it used to be.

Dobro Restaurant Site:


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