Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Too Hot? Here's the USB Necktie Cooler 3

Well, the Japanese "Salary-man" is an office worker who sits at a desk all-day for long hours pushing papers... Regardless of the fact that he sees few, if any, outsiders come to his company, it wouldn't do for him to not be dressed in a suit and tie (regardless of how hot Japan's summer's get!)

What to do when slaving away at the PC for long hours during the day? Why, a USB necktie with a cooling fan built in, of course!

Here's Thanko Corporation's "USB Necktie Cooler 3"! The perfect gift for that salary-man of yours or that salary-man living inside of all of us!
It took Thanko‘s star engineers over two years, but I bet the work was worth it: after showing you the USB Necktie Cooler 2 back in June 2008, the Tokyo-based USB gadget maker now presents, you guessed it, the USB Necktie Cooler 3 [JP]. The silliness just doesn’t stop, it seems.
It’s basically a silk necktie with a plastic fan built into the tie’s knot. Just plug the thing into a USB port (the cable is 135cm long) and use the switch to turn the fan on and feel cooler instantly. If you want to use the tie on the go, get the optional battery pack holding four AAA batteries. As far as I can see, there are no major differences between version 2 and 3 (apart from the design of the tie)
Thanko is offering the USB Necktie Cooler 3 to Japanese customers only, but if you’re interested, you can ask specialized store The Japan Trend Shop for import help (the store currently sellsversion 2 for $88).

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