Saturday, September 4, 2010

Superman Sabotages Imperial Japanese Navy Cartoon from 1942 in Color!

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

Once again, this weekend, digging through the treasure chest that is the Internet Archives, I find an interesting treat from a day long gone by. It's a 1942 Superman cartoon in color - and in great condition - that was made right smack dab in the middle of World War II when Germany and Japan were looking very powerful.

The byline description reads:

Superman is responsible for several acts of sabotage at the Yokohama Navy Yard in Japan. Lois Lane is held hostage but Superman saves the day. Animation by William Bowsky and William Henning. Music by Sammy Timberg. Produced in 1942.

Now, I am not a fan of Superman at all (when I was a kid, I only read Marvel comics!) and this comic is pure US military propaganda; but it is enjoyable to watch and consider how the world has changed.



Also, how the heck did Lois Lane get into Yokohama in 1942 is anyone's guess but it is a very enjoyable 4 minute cartoon. Superman: Eleventh Hour! Enjoy!


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Andy "In Japan" said...

I just watched the entire 7 minute propaganda cartoon on Youtube. The best comment there was that it incredible that not a single word was spelled incorrectly on the English language warning notice the Japanese posted about killing Lois Lane. What I want to know is why they didn't try to use their powerful giant buck teeth to defeat the man of steel?

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