Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Advice from Gary North Again!

Gary North's Tip of the Week - September 25, 2010 Best Teenage
  Teenagers ought to use free time to prepare for exams.
This can save their parents a lot of money for college -- far
more than the kids can earn in summer.  But they won't do this.
They want a job.

  The jobs are usually menial.  They are also scarce these days.

  How about a job that develops skills that can put them through

  How about a job that teaches sales skills that can be applied
to any career?

  How about a skill that involves tools that are dirt cheap,
that you have around the house?

  That skill is making a short YouTube video for businesses,
charitable organizations, and special-interest groups.  Everyone
knows his organization needs a YouTube video, but hardly anyone
knows how to make one.

  The software is free if you own a Windows-based computer:
Microsoft's Movie Maker 2.6.  It will do the trick, although Sony
Movie Maker 10 is better, and under $100.  But anyone can get
started on the Microsoft product.  Combine this with a camcorder,
and he or she is in business.  Download it here:

  It has weaknesses.  There are rival free programs that can be
substituted for Movie Maker 2, or else used to supplement it.

  The student can learn the software this month in preparation
for the holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  He can
shoot videos and edit them for practice.  By summertime, he is
ready to go out and sell.

  If a student can set up a local businessman with a complete
package -- promotional video, domain name, simple Website,
YouTube channel, Google search strategy -- one sale a month at $1,
000 will generate as much money as an 8-hour-a-day fast food job -
- if he can get one.

  Some of you are thinking: "Teenager, my foot.  I could do this
as a hobby and pull an a few thousand extra a year!"  You're

Gary "Marketing Pays" North
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