Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Kit Kat & Other Weird Japanese Candies

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

If you are like me, you'll try anything once... I mean, food-wise.

In Japan, that gives one plenty of opportunities to try all sorts of weird things. Because of intense competition, Japanese confectionary and candy makers are coming out with tons of new products all the time. Often, candies and sweets in Japan can be seasonal.

We even have green Kit Kat candy bars... (Steve Tyler from Aerosmith would have loved these! That clown refused to have green M&M's in his dressing room when he came to Japan. What a turd!)

Tea-flavored KitKat

I have had several people write to me and ask me to do a story about Japanese sweets and candy, but I think I am not the best person to ask about that.

If you ask me, Japanese sweets are not all that sweet; especially compared to American junk. Being an American, if I want to eat sweets, then I still want to eat gobs of junk and chocolate. None of this delicate tasting Japanese sweets for me! The best thing that Japan has that might satisfy and over-weight junk food junky American with a sweet-tooth might be Gari-Gari Kun, I think. Besides that, in Japan, you're out of luck.

Americans with a sweet tooth! If in Japan, try Gari Gari Kun

Japanese sweets are very delicate tasting.

Anyway, today, I found the article about this Japanese candy business that I have been looking for since I started this blog... Look folks, if you have gout like I do, then you are going to let the youngsters eat and write about this sort of stuff.

My favorite. Really! Dried sweetened scallops.

From Kid Crave:

If you thought the food in Japan was a bit strange, have you ever seen Japanese candy? Not everything is sweet or made of chocolate and sometimes the things made of chocolate are very surprising. Say what you will about Japanese cuisine, but they are extremely adventurous when it comes to new flavors, especially in candy. Whether you like your candy sweet, chocolaty, sour, or maybe even a bit savory there's a Japanese candy out there that you've got to try. (We'll be honest, there's plenty to avoid too). Take a look at this sampling of Bizarre Japanese Candy and decide for yourself what sounds delicious or disgusting.

Anyway, I like Japanese food (of course) and would much rather have my kid eating Japanese sweets than American sweets any day...

I think, after looking at the average American compared with the average Japanese, you'd agree with me too.

Click here to see the original Kid Crave article with pictures.


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1 comment:

Katie said...

I LOVE the variety of Kit Kats here! We lived in Kanagawa from 2008-2010 and I collected many of them during that time.

We moved back in January and I'm excited to find them again. The mini bake cheesecake came out last week and are oishii! I highly recommend them :)

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