Sunday, September 5, 2010

Google's Gmail Priority Inbox. What is it?

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

If you use Gmail - and who doesn't these days? - you might have noticed a that, at the top right of your Gmail, there is a new item in bold red lettering that says "New Priority Inbox Beta". This is a new Google Gmail feature that I think is just fantastic and it is definitely going to make our lives easier!

The people who make it in the new economy are the ones who can stay focused and stay organized. Everyone knows how difficult that can be! Just how do we stay on top of several email accounts that are constantly filling up and altering our work priorities by the minute? It is tough! I know, when I work at the GM of the broadcasting station, I was getting over 800 emails a day. There was no way to keep up with them all. I had to prioritize. You must do that too. (I have written some other tips for you here.)

Well, now here comes Google's Gmail newest feature! The New Priority Inbox Beta promises to make live easier for all of us by presorting mail for us into higher and lower priority. I gather that it uses some sort of algorithm that judges mail by past actions; did you get mail from this person before? Did you answer it? Did you answer it soon, etc., etc?

Here's a brief rundown of what New Priority Inbox Beta can do from the website:

Email is great… Unless there's too much of it.
Wouldn't it be nice if you knew which messages to read first?
Introducing Gmail Priority Inbox!
Priority Inbox finds the important messages and sorts them for you!
If you want to get back to a message later, just mark it with a star!
How does Priority Inbox work?
Gmail already has a great spam filter…
But what's really neat… It's really good at predicting what's important! 
Based on which e-mails you read and which emails you reply to.
And, if it makes a mistake….Just mark a message less important or more important.
Over time, it gets better and better!
So checking email will be much less daunting!

And here is a short cartoon explaining briefly about the features!

I can honestly admit that I started using New Priority Inbox Beta a few days ago and from the first time I used it, it helped me to spot an important mail that I had missed; and that mail came to me 12 days ago! Had I not tried New Priority Inbox Beta I would have missed that mail completely and lost money! I do not like losing money!

I whole-heartedly recommend New Priority Inbox Beta. 

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