Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Zealand Triples in Popularity with Japanese Tourists

This interesting article just came across my desk from Travel Blackboard, "Asia's Number One Online Industry Newsletter," despite the decline in air travel, Japanese tourists to New Zealand have increased 300% in the last year. New Zealand is greatly increasing its appeal as a tourism spot of the Japanese. It makes sense.  

New Zealand is a wonderful country with beautiful people and its also extremely safe. Sure, there was a big earthquake there yesterday in Christchurch but I think that doesn't affect japanese tourists so much as Japan has earthquakes all of the time too.

It's incidents like riots in Bangkok we had earlier this year or policemen getting on buses filled with tourists and shooting them in Manila that really damages a countries image and tourism.

New Zealand has had nothing like that. I have been to New Zealand and I love it. This is why the Japanese have finally discovered the heavenly vacation spot that New Zealand offers.

The article says:

The Japanese are trading in the charged streets of Tokyo for the green and untouched beauty of New Zealand with flights between the two countries tripling in 2010.

The strong marketing campaign mounted by Auckland Airport and New Zealand Airlines targeting their fifth largest tourism market has reported an increase in Japanese visitors by 10.9 percent from last year, Tourism Review reported.

Japanese tourists currently make up 85 000 of New Zealand’s visitors and are also the biggest spenders averaging $4600 per visit.

Airlines and airports have launched into the campaign with Auckland Airport accepting up to 3000 extra flights to and from Japan over the summer season.

Air New Zealand has also catered to tourism demands announcing last month plans to add 14 charter flights from Japan to New Zealand between 26 December 2010 and 3 April 2011.

“This is a huge increase from the four charter flights we operated last summer, and is solid proof of the strong market recovery we are witnessing here,” Air New Zealand General Manager Japan Edward Overy said.

The flights operating over the holiday period are expected to usher in 3000 additional visitors.

“These charters will … deliver growth above and beyond usual expectation and provide an estimated NZD 13.8 million increase in spending for the New Zealand industry,” Tourism New Zealand Regional Manager Japan Jason Hill said.

From: etravelblackboardasia.com

For more on New Zealand Tourism, see their website here: http://www.newzealand.com/Japan/

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You have narrated the beauty of New Zealand very nicely so that people can know the real beauty of it. New Zealand is a developed country that ranks highly in international comparisons on many topics, including education, economic freedom, and lack of corruption.

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