Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Worst US Government Made Anti-Japanese Propaganda Film Ever!

I'd like to show you one of the most disgusting Anti-Japanese propaganda films the US government ever made. My purpose here is to show you how the US government demonizes certain groups of people for political gains just like the worst tyrannical dictatorships do.

Most blogs about Japan are written by young people. I think for a blogger, I am one of the older ones. Compared to most bloggers, maybe I am ancient. Most bloggers are in their thirties - I am about to become 53.

Maybe that makes me unusual for a blogger. No?

I was born in 1957. I remember Elvis Presley when he was skinny. I really do. I was a so-called punk rocker in the late 1970's. Punk Rock saved my life. Today, Punk Rock is Top 10. Back then it was a revolution.

People of my generation liked the first Punk movement.

Besides Punk, the educated geeks of my generation were fascinated with World War II.


Well, because we think, "How in the hell could the world have plunged into war and had 40 ~ 50,000,000 (million) people killed in six years just 12 years before I was born?"

World War II has always had a fascination for people of my generation. That's why Nazi fashions were cool amongst the punks (I think).

Sometimes I get comments and mail from people who really love these old WWII propaganda films made by the US government. Other times, I get people who are really mad about them and protest the racism in the films.

Yes. I totally agree that they are seething with racism.

I put these up for your viewing pleasure for several reasons. First off, as an American, I want people to understand that my country government has been doing this sort of thing for over a century now; I mean, making propaganda - no worse or no better - than the Nazi's, the Soviet's, Mao, whoever did before.

The United States is just as bad as the worst of them... I mean, think about it, we dropped atomic bombs - twice - on innocent women and children, right? I have shown you the propaganda made by these people here.

My countrymen will scream and scowl about my comments above, but they are blinded by mass media propaganda in the USA. Today in the United States, we currently demonize Iran, North Korea and China; this is all as a pretext for war...

All the while we preach peace and brotherhood, we bomb Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Yemen, and god knows where else... Now we saber-rattle against the people of Iran.

When will this ever end?

This will never end as long as the military-industrial-complex stays in power in the United States.

This nightmare has got to end.

I am fed up with this military-industrial complex nonsense from the US government and want it to stop immediately. Trust that, today, there are many Americans who, finally, are waking up to what our government is doing in our names...

Hopefully, they won't last too much longer....


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Andy "In Japan" said...

Mike...this video wasn't as cruel as I expected. They made a horrible "mistake" by even showing Japanese women and children..smiling..looking at flowers..in a school room. That humanized the Japanese. Today's propagandists know better. You will never see happy pictures of moslem children, nothing of the beauty of Iran or the suffering of individuals in N. Korea. Sadly, propaganda works. Even with educated people. In the USA, they have been trained to obey and to believe what they are told. The last thing in the world the vast majority would do is disagree with authority and have an opinion that is different from others. Some..way too few, are waking up to the facts.

Graham said...

I remember seeing this video back in college during one of my history classes. What upset me even more were the Bugs Bunny and Popeye cartoons with the horrible buck-teeth & glasses stereotypical depiction of the Japanese made during the war. They still make me feel sick to the stomach.

Ryan McMaken said...

If you don't like America, you can just leave, buster. Oh wait. Never mind.

Andy In Japan's comments are especially good. I can't remember the last time the American press showed a picture of any Iranian who wasn't either: 1. Some dour-looking muslim cleric, or 2. Ahmadinejad

No children live in Iran. None. So, bombs away.


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