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Sakurashinmachi Nebuta Festival is Sept. 11, 2010

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

My favorite of the smaller local festivals is happening next Saturday and you are all invited. It's the Sakurashinmachi Nebuta Festival (Matsuri) and it starts next Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010. Of course, the biggest, and most famous of the Nebuta Matsuri's is in Aomori, but I already get enough of festivals that have 3 million people attending them when I go to the Asakusa Sanja Festival every year. That place is a packed zoo!

Photo from Aomori Nebuta Matsuri - the most famous Nebuta Matsuri in Japan

The Nebuta Matsuri is just right for us; it is comfortable, safe for kids, and not packed wall to wall with revelers from far away. Most of the people who come to Sakurashinmachi Nebuta Matsuri come from close by.

Entertainers at Sakurashinmachi Nebuta Matsuri

The event starts at 4 pm with the big festivities and the Nebuta float starting at 7 pm.  Nebuta refers to a float of warriors that is taken down the main street. Wikipedia describes it as:

"Nebuta" refers to the float of a brave warrior-figure which is carried through the center of the city, while dancers wearing a unique type of costume called haneto (ハネト) prance around in time with the chant Rasserā (ラッセラー). In the local dialect, participation in the festival is inquired using the adjective haneru (ハネル, ex. "今日もハネル?" or "Are you going tohaneru today?"), which was derived from the Japanese spelling of thehaneto costume and the adjective haneru (跳ねる, "bounce").

Of course the Sakurashinmachi Nebuta matsuri has tons of food, drinks, and entertainment. Be there for a truly fun and memorable family time.

I love this kind of food!

To get to Sakurashinmachi: Take the Den-en-Toshi local subway line from Shibuya station towards Chuorinkan. 4 stops to Sakurashinmachi. When you get to the station, go outside, you can't miss the festival.

Start time: Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010 at 4 pm. Entrance free! 

9月11日(土) 16:00~21:00 に桜新町のねぶた祭りがおこなわれます。

For more information see the website:

The Sakurashinmachi Nebuta Matsuri! Hope to see you there!


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