Thursday, September 2, 2010

Japanese Government Wants to Make Tattoos Illegal Because of Marijuana Use

Read that headline again. It says, "Japanese Government Wants to Make Tattoos Illegal Because of Marijuana Use." It's true. You read it correctly.

Because some kids were caught with marijuana at a recent beach rock concert in Japan, the Kobe government has decided to take the completely illogical step of considering banning tattoos on public beaches.

As if that will stop marijuana abuse on beaches. Why don't they really put their foot down and ban bathing suits or, ban people under, say, 50-years-old? How about a ban on people who look "funny"? I'd vote for that!

But hey, if the government wants to ban tattoos on beaches because kids were smoking marijuana then I guess it must be a good idea... The government wouldn't do it if it weren't a good idea....Ahem....

It's rare when the government does something so stupid that it really surprises me, but this recent news alarms even me. So some kids were arrested for marijuana possession at a concert? Big deal. What's new? 

This is not a commentary about whether marijuana should be illegal or not.

Since these kids were arrested for marijuana at a rock concert, what is the logical course of action for the government to take? You know the story about how a few bad apples spoils the whole bunch...

Consider: It was a rock concert. Kids were smoking marijuana. What would be the typically stupid reaction? I think they'd want to do something ridiculous like making Rock music illegal... But not in this case. So they've decided to consider making tattoos illegal! You can't make this stuff up! Shouldn't they make rock music illegal (especially since it is the Devil's Music)? 

The news reports say:

The Kobe municipal government is considering banning people with tattoos from a beach in Suma Ward following the recent arrests of college students for alleged marijuana possession during a music event at the beach, city officials said.

The city office intends to come up with a concrete plan during this year, including establishing the rule by ordinance, but banning tattooed people from a public beach is a rare case in Japan as most tattoo bans are for commercial facilities such as saunas.

The envisaged ban may prompt controversy over its possible violation of the freedom of expression as tattoos are becoming increasingly fashionable with young people, critics say.

"It is our duty to make a safer environment for the citizens," said a city official as senior officials of the city and Hyogo prefectural police are set to form a special team to work out details such as ways to restrict entrance to the beach.

Suma beach saw the lowest number of visitors in 25 years this summer, with about 620,000 people in 46 days. Some citizens have told the city office that they "hesitate to go near the beach" amid an increase in young people with tattoos, the officials said.

The city enforced an ordinance with a penalty in 2008 that forbids loud noise on the beach during nighttime, yet about 70 music events were held this summer.

Anyway, this makes good clean sense to me. Let's not stop with tattoos! Let's make it completely illegal for all  ugly guys and girls to be walking around the beach in bathing suits! ...Especially the girls.... Especilly if hey are over-weight.  Yeah.... I'd vote for that... Sheesh!

This is what the government taxes us for? Whay don't we make it illgal for idiots to be in the government? Idiots in government? Oh, sorry, I repeat myself.

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Anonymous said...

You're probably not aware that Kobe is home to the Yamaguchi Gumi, Japan's largest crime syndicate. You're also oblivious to the fact that "yakuza" (Japanese gangsters) usually have tattoos and most bath houses and hot springs do not allow anyone with tattoos to enter.

Drugs are not as big a problem in Japan compared to the US and Europe. The reason for this is that the government is very strict.

Criminals, usually associated with the yakuza, distribute drugs in Japan. To associate drugs with criminals is logical.

To ban such people from the beach is okay by me. I love Japan and the fact that women can walk around at 03:00AM in the morning. It's safe for a reason.

If you don't like Japan that much, go back to America!!


mike in tokyo rogers said...


I am quite aware of Yamaguchi Gumi. I am half Japanese American and have been here for over 26 years, thank you.

You completely miss the point. I suggest rereading what I wrote... I also suggest that you look at my profile before you knee-jerk with this foolish "If you don't like Japan" nonsense...

salil said...

Seems to me like an idealogical conflict....
Banning something most often drives it underground,
The intelligence seems to be right.....
One wouldnt connect the drinking of saki and tattoos a japanese experiment in psycho graphics....

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