Friday, September 24, 2010

Japanese Politician: Insane or the only sane one of the bunch? You decide!

I found this on the Internet while looking for some information on the next political election... This is pretty funny or scary (depending on how you look at it). This guys says some wild things, but a lot of what he says is true like when he mentions that the government is completely corrupted and cannot be reformed (people living in the USA or Europe, does that sound familiar?)

The YouTube description says:

This is a REAL politician named Toyama Koichi that ran for the Prefectual governer of Tokyo. Every politician is given equal airtime in Japan to explain their platform, and the TV stations can not edit it and are therefore not responsible for its content. This guy is INSANE! The best part is, over 15,000 people VOTED FOR HIM!!! And they say there is no hope for politics...

Well, I probably would have voted for him (but I don't vote). The best part about it is when he says that elections are a waste of time. On that point he is 100% correct. Never forget these wise words: If elections could change anything, they'd be made illegal.

I think after about 15 beers this guy would be hilarious!


Andy "In Japan" said...

Mike, this guy is hysterically funny after no beers! Asking for one malicious terrifying vote and then giving the finger to the listeners. It's a beautiful marketing concept that even you never thought of.

Mark Davis said...

The finger at the end is a nice touch. I love this guy. Did he mean "destroy the 'government'" where the subtitles said "nation" near the beginning a couple of times?

I've considered running for Congress on the platform "I need the money, especially the retirement plan. It doesn't matter who wins anyway." Just to see how much honesty counts for in the US. Not much I would guess though.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Davis -- I think every unemployed American should run for office! If the govt. won't provide jobs or stop the outsourcing, we'll just take their jobs. Forget voting out the status quo! ROTFLMAO!

PS. This guy was very funny! Now let's just hope he doesn't do something stupid to get himself killed.

Guy Jean said...

LOL. Those ears!!

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