Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boob Worship Shrines in Japan

I put the title to this as, "Boob Worship Shrines in Japan" but that's not exactly correct as to what this is all about. It is about worship and it does have to do with women's breasts, but not in a sexual context...


In Japan there are shrine to all sorts of gods. It is a part of Shinto religion which is a totally Japanese religion. There are gods for animals, rivers, nature - you know, the usual sort. But there are also gods for some pretty wild things. 

The wildest one I had ever heard of was the god of penis which is in Kawasaki. I know you don't believe me, so here's a photo:

In spite of what you might be thinking this is about, it's probably not exactly what you imagine... This is actually a fertility ritual as too many men, er, ahem, have a hard time.. Ummm, getting an, er...well, you know what I mean; too many men have the unfortunate incident of "not being able to perform" duties.

This is what the Japanese probably used before Viagra.

Karube Shrine

Yesterday, I stumbled across another shrine that I thought was, well, unusual... It is a god for "Mother's breasts." Now stop what you are thinking right there!!! Some people think this is a god for women's breasts but that is not exactly correct. This shrine is dedicated to the breasts of the mother's in order so that she may give nutritious milk to babies...

Sorry to burst your bubble...

The shrine is in Okayama in Eastern Japan and is called Karube Shrine. It is also called "The Oppai Shrine." "Oppai" means "giving milk to babies." So, sorry guys... The shrine is not a shrine to the beauty of the women's breast... It is to the beauty of motherhood.  



詳しい情報 (more information at):Gigazine.

I think the boob people and the penis people should get together... They could probably have a party, no? 


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