Sugimoto Kousuke: Japanese Music and Anime Genius

There is a really great super-new digital artist in Japan named Kousuke Sugimoto and he has been really making some fascinating works.

Japanese director Sugimoto Kousuke started to produce animation in 2004; now he is more involved in making 2D animation music videos for local indie pop/rock bands.

He is quoted as saying, "I wanted to bring different meaning to the black-and-white world from the coloured world, by using bright colors for the other worlds."

Here is a recent work that was discovered by Kousuke Sugimoto on Pink Tentacle:

This video -- directed by Kousuke Sugimoto, with music by Takayuki Manabe -- was created in celebration of the 100th issue of IdN magazine.

This is some fascinating work from his YouTube site:

Go here to see lots more videos by Kousuke Sugimoto.

His official webpage is here.


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