Cool & Strange Music - Vol. Five: Smoke on the Water and Jailhouse Rock

Yee haa! Geisha Rock and Roll!!!!

Hell… It's a Saturday night, I've been drinking all day, and now it's late at night (6:45 pm to be exact) and time for my bedtime…

But, since you sick kids like this Cool and Stange Japanese music stuff so much… I got this one for you…

Smoke on the Water in traditional Japanese music style?

Are there more songs like this? Oh yes. More. Many more… (It might be difficult for westerners to see/hear, but these guys are world class - kind of like opera... This isn't any low class crappy orchestra. This is Japan's best!)

Shoot.... Elvis didn't have anything on these guys:

How about a Jailhouse Rock in traditional Japanese music style? Would this have been Elvis had Japan won the war? Japanese Elvis?!

This is a very twisted, dark and demented country.

Japan: Cool and Strange Music Country…. The only other place this is more bizarre is probably those crazy frisking Americans…. 


Andrew Joseph said…
For every single musical instrument I ever picked up, I would play Smoke On The Water first. No fooling. From the accordion, piano, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, French horn, all saxes except the soprano (never tried it), bassoon and oboe. The bassoon and Baritone sax gave me the best bass lines. I never liked strings and never tried percussion.
Jailhouse Rock... I couldn't hear it at first, but then it kicked in nicely! Spider Murphy rocks!!!
Great stuff, Mike.
As Homer Simpson laughingly said about the Commandments, "Keep'em coming, Moses!"

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