Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos of Solar Eclipse Over Japan

Schools were closed for a half day to day in Japan to allow the students to see the full solar eclipse over Japan... Needless to say it is a very rare event... That the skies were cloudy in May in Japan, on the other hand, is not a rare event.

Photo by Michio Hashimoto

My son and the other neighborhood kids were out watching the total eclipse.... Me? I was hungover and still in bed....Quite unenthusiastic about the entire thing really... What? No re-runs?  

Being born in the 50s, I had always thought these things only happened in black and white...


Anonymous said...

Haha, ah funny.
We didn't get out of coed-prison, er I mean public school, when there was an eclipse. But any day out of that concentration camp, is a good day.
We did get to punch a hole in a circle of paper though,... fun fun. Not.

Also, did you get a new layout for your blog? It's displaying differently here. Seems sorta texty.

A lot of webpages are like that. I think they shouldn't be, all the promise of the internet and all that, especially with the way memory chips have grown.

Myself, I miss the wonderful background photo they had on The Daily Bell's website,... more of the internet should be like that, imho.
Kind of like many meals served in Japan, it's about the visual too.
...Sigh, I always expect too much I guess. But then again, I shouldn't, more and more this seems like it's the Devil's world, i.e. If Cops Can't Taze a Pregnant Woman, The Terrorists Will Win


I haven't had a hangover in awhile now, maybe I should too?
Problem is, all my rowdie friends done rowdied on down,... or became DEA agents. No wonder George Throughgood's song, I Drink Alone, is so popular still.

- clark

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Clark,

It's become "texty" because of the photo Nazis... As you said, all the promise of the internet... If I find a photo and use it, I take the risk of getting sued... As blogs get more and more popular, the wolves come out to hunt.

Anonymous said...

huh, er maybe that's, hmp?
I didn't think of that.

After a refreshing cigarette (home rolled, additive free) I felt compelled to add, not that I don't appreciate the simplicity.

But still, you don't have a camera?
Which leads to, what would symbolize Marketing Japan? A photo of a Yen?

...Hmm, no one photo would do, I think. A composite,... a revolving photo set perhaps? Ah, crap, I'm rambling. Two glasses of wine does that. ... Geeze I've become such a lightweight these days.

- clark

Martin J Frid said...

I was on the early train in Tokyo (very rare for me, I usually work at home!) and I started noticing it getting dark. I thought it was a thunderstorm. Then I saw people looking up at the sky in a funny way. Only then did my sleepy brain make the connection...

That black-and-white (shiro-kuro) photo was funny!

diego.a said...

That photos seems to be commentary on Tokyo culture:

* a young dude wearing a t-shirt that says, "Hug and Kiss Me".
* Another one wearing a business suit on a half-day school day.

(I like minimalist designs. Reminds me of - minus the photo. It's run by Dave "I Invented RSS, Damnnit" Winer.)

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