Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree Blows Away Tokyo Tower

I wrote a while back about how Tokyo Tower was a big letdown and how it has lost its attraction as a tourist site (there's no romance left there at all - how could there be? They have a flea market on the first floor!)

Well, the next one to visit will be Sky Tree. It is something like three times taller than Tokyo Tower.

Here is an awesome photo (that I took myself!)

Photo by Mike Rogers (use this photo as you wish - please credit me!)

The Tokyo Sky Tree, now completed and opened in the capital's 

Sumida Ward, is seen from a helicopter in 2012.

The tower is 634 meters tall.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Nice!!
It passed over 500-meter? And, it will be 634-meter?! I didn't know both thing. That's very high. So, Tokyo tower is 377 meter. Sky Tree is far high. I have heard, many tourist already rolled to there. If it is completed which will become a tourist spot in the world!!

Anonymous said...

So, the t-tower 1) They looted its capital for a Golf membership scheme?
2) It used to be used for television transmissions but now its obsolete because they chose the Sumida Ward's higher 'sky tower instead'?

Anonymous said...

Amazing photo.
The view kind of scares me though.
Heck, the view from inside the teeny tiny buildings in the photo scare me some.

I used to work 24 feet off the ground and thought that was high up, I couldn't imagine working on those buildings, those guys have got guts - and brass ones. I imagine everyone gets a rush just from being there?

- clark

Anonymous said...

I'm liking the new format of the blog.
Fancy stuff.

- clark

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