Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Japan (and America's) Nuclear Future in Thorium?

The blog post about how nuclear energy IS Japan's answer to her energy problems, in spite of Fukushima, has been read by nearly a thousand people in just a few days. Please refer to: Godzilla is Coming Out From Fukushima! More on Mass Media SensationalismUsually posts that get that sort of reaction have photos of hot sexy Japanese girls (you won't be seeing those anymore on this site - more on that in a  later post).

Kirk Sorensen

Here's nuclear engineer Kirk Sorensen (currently pursuing a master's degree in nuclear engineering at the University of Tennessee) again at Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference (TED) explaining why Thorium based nuclear power is the answer to the world's future energy needs. 

This is only ten minutes long but if chocked full of great information. Enjoy! 


Unknown said...

Thank you Kirk Thorium Sorensen, for my dad, brother in Florida, go Kirt Go.

Anonymous said...

Of course*, its sounds like a great idea, and research or small scale projects are often pennies on the Dollar** Murphy's laws begs the question: how could how that little freeze (salt made) plug and/or blower motor in any circumstances foul up?*** or clog? Its definitely worth some excitement.
I don't know if his carbon harvesting, carbon neutral gas and diesel could be done by private sector or pet projects.. Which is really a requirement, right? If it can make money and be sustainable on a small scale, it can always be replicated. (Over and over). Definitely some exciting questions are being asked by some smart people.
*(like I knew a damn thing about this before your blog)
**(10 yen coin on the 1000 note?, sorry :P)
***(The flooded Fukushima backup generators' lesson to humanity, hello)

Anonymous said...

"(you won't be seeing those anymore on this site - more on that in a later post)."

Well that's disappointing.

- clark

Zanchito said...

I've been following thorium for a while and it looks really promising. One caveat, though, is that most of the planetary reserves seem to be in India, and if you think the current geopolitical situation is screwed up because of oil, having mostly just one producer for thorium can only make things worse.

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