Monday, May 28, 2012

My Socks.... (And Leaving a Mark). Are you leaving a mark on the world that you were here?

I have the exact same pair in the drawer somewhere!

What's the point of this? Nothing.... Well, nothing excepting one thing; and that's about blogging. 

Blogging is different from Facebook and Twitter in one big way. On Facebook and Twitter, one comments and leaves a photo or link, then that message quickly floats back into oblivion. 

A blog post? It remains. A blog post leaves a mark.

Even when I die, this post will still be here, fifty years from now.

Are you leaving a mark?


Andrew Joseph said...

Blogging rules! Sock it to me baby, as Mitch Ryder howled!

Anonymous said...

I'm not leaving much of a mark. Er, as much as I could.

While reading your BBQ post I was thinking: you leave a huge mark, i.e. the things you do for your child's classmates, this blog, articles you've written, and being the one who saved a BBQ. Impressive stuff and an elevated example to best.

I tried enlightening a couple of younger guys about economics and liberty at a bar last night, heh, they actually ran from me. Couple of others listened though.

- clark

Anonymous said...

A weird quirk for this blog and Firefox 5.0:

For awhile I thought you were messing around and getting rid of comments.
That was a bit of a downer. Heh, thought maybe you'd had enough of my imperfect comments or something?
Turns out I have to open a blog entry in a new tab to see the comments, otherwise it's like there are no comments or a place to post them.

Makes the tiny marks hard to find.

Just an observation I thought you might like to know.

- clark

Anonymous said...

Hm, it's not doing that now.
It's not a constant thing.
I wonder if it was because you were uploading to the page?

Anyway, it happened a couple of times.
Maybe I shouldn't have said anything?

- clark

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