Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Funk vs. Metal? Best North Korean Heavy Metal vs. Funky Military Marching Band Videos You'll See All Day!

Woah! Dudes and dudettes! These guys and gals RAWK!!!! 

Turn it up. It's what MTV in North Korea probably looks like... (I mean, if anyone had electricity and a working TV set in North Korea!)

I usually don't like heavy metal chicks (especially when they wear North Korean military uniforms), but check out some of these girls, they are hot!

Aha, but my friends, the party don't end there.... Give it up for the North Korean People's Army as they get down and funky! I like this one even better... But I've always been a soulful kind of guy!

Wait!... What!? No! I don't like this at all! I just realized that I hate this kind of stuff with a passion! I hate line dancing! I hate conformity! I hate it when people think like drones and act like robots! 

I just wrote about that in How Disco Music and VanMcCoy and the Hustle Saved my Life! But, then again, those people I wrote about could never boogie down as tight as the North Korean army does!

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