Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Former Punk Daddy Has Children Who Play and Sing Jazz and Classical Music

Well, since I was in a one-hit wonder punk band in the seventies, I knew better than to subject my children to mind damaging loud music.... Thank god for that. I have one friend who was a hard-core Rolling Stones fan when he was young and brought up his kid listening to the Rolling Stones. Today? That kid has gown up to be a hard-core Hip Hop fan.... Yo yo man! (Chuckle!!!!)

The dad is so disappointed. I laughed at him and said, "See?" Rock music is brain damage. Don't play it for your children! 

But I digress....

It certainly amazes me sometimes. I don't know why but here's a video of my son playing Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty" when he was six-years-old. For some reason, this video has had over 10,000 views in these last two years.... 


What really blows my mind is that I will go out and make a promotion video for some rock band that plays in front of a few thousand people or tours Europe or appears at SXSW and those videos don't get more than a few thousands views.... What gives?

Anyway, I just told me wife that it makes me proud and it seems curious thing that I am the head of a household of musical people... Yes! Really! My daughter is a Jazz singer in Japan with her debut album just out to good sales, sold out shows and excellent reviews. My wife is a classically trained pianist who graduated from one of Japan's top classical music universities; my son has won awards from the Japan Association of Professional Piano Instructors, and the above video has surpassed 10,000 views... And all because daddy was in a sh*tty one-hit wonder punk band in the seventies????

Probably not.

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Andrew Joseph said...

Hey Mike, that is great to see. Your son has talent - and I know your daughter sings opera! Awesome! I can't sing to save my life - at east not since I hit puberty and I went from 1st soprano to talking like i was in The Sopranos. Fuggedaboudit!
Because my uncle was a conductor for the New Delhi Symphony, it was expected that I would take up the reins. Forced to play the accordion, I switched to piano when I was 16 and taught it when I was 25. I also taught clarinet, and can play all brass, woodwinds and keyboards - though I have not even touched an instrument now in 20 years. My 6-year-old has no interest in music - only sports.
I played semi-pro soccer and was a decent 3rd baseman who could hit for power but couldn't make the throw to 1st.
I refuse to teach my son unless he comes to me and says he wants to play. He asks me about soccer and baseball and seems to love hockey. That I will teach him.
As a writer, I am also frustrated by his inability to read well despite our best efforts for years. He wants top read, but has difficulty. It's why I haven't even begun to try and confuse him with music reading. It's my frustration that worries me about teaching him. Dude - as long as your son is happy to learn, more power to him. I have no idea what my point is except that I enjoyed the post.

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