Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You Go Girl! Lady in Hokkaido Bites Off Finger of Purse Snatcher!

Sometimes the news is so great that I chuckle and don't really need to make any comment. Today's story is one of those!

"What's for dessert?"

The News on Japan website reports in Woman bites off purse snatcher's finger

On Monday in Sapporo city, a woman broke her tooth while biting off the finger of a man who was trying to steal her purse.
At around 5:30 in the afternoon in Nishi ward, Sapporo, a 59 year old woman on her way home stopped in front of her apartment complex to check her mail when her bag was suddenly stolen from behind her by a man.
The man tried to escape on a bicycle, but ran into a dead end and was forced turn around where he was caught by the woman. During the struggle the woman bit his finger off and managed to retrieve her purse.
The woman broke her front tooth, and the man's finger, from the tip to the first joint, fell to the ground at the scene of the crime. She said the man was in his 30's, between 175 to 180cm tall with a solid build.
The purse snatcher is still on the loose.

Isn't this just great? Not only does this purse snatcher jerk have to suffer massive pain, I'm sure he'll have to go to the hospital sooner or later and when he does, he's busted!

In Japan, when Yakuza gangsters screw up they sometime have to cut off their pinky finger in repentance... This guy had the work already tailor made for him!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

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