Sunday, May 20, 2012

Godzilla is Coming Out From Fukushima! More on Mass Media Sensationalism

Worried about Fukushima? You need to watch/read this.

Diego.a sends this wonderful message concerning my last post about sensationalism:

Kirk Sorensen: mechanical/aerospace engineer and studying nuclear engineering, shows you how the media can create Godzilla out of Fukushima... with low probability events and fear: 

Tweet from Neil deGrasse Tyson. Deaths so far from Fukushima radiation? Zero.

Some nice quotations that overlap with everything you guys have said:
"It just seems to me that when it's a subject I know a little about and I watch how the news covers it I get frustrated really quickly."
"I just think every media outlet I've seen is just drumming up fear. From the NYTimes to the Huffington Post to Fox News."
"Our media is not built around effectively and accurately disseminating information to the public. Our media is built around putting your eyeballs on their print or websites and keeping them there. And the best way to keep them there is to scare you to death." 

.... But! But! They've detected radiation in milk! "Of course, there's radiation in all milk."

Watch the entire film here (from about 1:31:30 the talk about the mass media false reporting and sensationalism begins):


Anonymous said...

I got lost into the study of Thorium reactors from this post. :)

Anonymous said...

This blog post totally vindicates your points. The video is awesome. Kirk Sorensen really sells me on Mike's points. Who would think ,yeah go Nuclear after Fukashima Dai Ichi, but as long as its passive safety without the water pressure build up. Why not? Liquid Fluoride Thorium (Molten Salt)takes longer to learn about and it is not mass media sensationalism. Myself, I think solutions are sexy. The news media might be asking the right questions, its just the junk news media is outselling and obscuring them 1000 to 1. @

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