Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Incredibly Stupid Stuff the Japanese Government Wastes Our Tax Money On

I am simply amazed sometimes at the stupid crap that the government wastes our tax money on. Now, they say a picture speaks a thousand words but before you look at this picture, let me explain that this is a photo that hangs upon the wall at one of my favorite watering holes in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

That's Tokyo as in "Tokyo, Japan"... Now, look at the picture. Is there anything that strikes you as strange about what this poster says and the fact that it is hanging on the wall of a restaurant in Japan?

They do idiotic things like this and then at the end of the fiscal year, every year, they tell us that they need more money because they are broke.

They're not broke. Just stupid.

Any questions?


Oh, and here's a freebie that I saw the other day that irritated me too. These police that you see in Japan that are giving out tickets and stopping drivers aren't doing that to prevent accidents or protect the public safety. They are an covert taxation force. 

Here is a photo of these bottom-dwelling, scum sucking, Tax-feeders who think that it takes three of them on their police motorcycles to chase down some guy on a bicycle who ran a red-light... Three of them!? Unbelievable.

Of course I complained to them and asked them why it required three of them to chase down this dangerous criminal bicycle riding desperado and why they weren't out chasing real criminals and all they did was ignore me and keep yelling at this bicyclist.

Oh, did I say the word, "stupid?" I did? Okay. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Funny blog post.

I run red lights and stop signs All the time on my bike. It's pure joy.

I ride on the sidewalks a lot too. A Person has to be half-crazy to ride a bike alongside traffic in many areas, imho.

- clark

Mr. Nobody said...

Hi Mike,

I'm tempted to talked back when things like that happen, but my experience has taught me that it usually winds up being a case of at least 3 against one if not 3 million against one.

Especially when it is in a foreign country, it seems it is almost invitation for baksheesh or a bruising.

Andrew Joseph said...

That is pretty funny... If I am reading this, I must already be here in Japan. So, yes, I already think it's a good idea to visit Japan.
It's brilliant in its stupidity.

But... three cops to stop a cyclist? That is excessive. Two - tops!

I found, as a foreigner, to pretty much always obey the law while in Japan - except for that time I broke into a museum. Ah... the good old days.

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