Saturday, May 19, 2012

Time to Quit Facebook for Me!

At a party: Mr. Groupon, I'd like to introduce my friend Mr. Facebook... Mr. Facebook, meet Mr. Groupon... I'm sure you both have much in common and will have plenty to talk about...."

Folks. I've decided to quit Facebook (I've never done Groupon!)


There’s lots of reasons but the biggest one is that Facebook is a pain in the ass and not user friendly. The second reason is that Facebook seems to be getting more and more like the comments section of webpages where idiots write asinine stuff and constantly flame each other. What fun is it to read that kind of stupidity?
Other reasons to dislike Facebook?
I also get far too many notices and photos that I don't care about from people - even when I stop all notifications, they still come (it’s a bug, folks!) I think it’s a sort of SPAM.
I get invitations to parties from people I don't know who live 3,000 miles away from me. Yeah, right... I’ll be there! Did I mention anything about SPAM? I did? OK.
Facebook is a waste of time. 
Facebook isn't cool or fun anymore . My last day will be 5/26/12. People who want to contact me can do so at this blog. Actually, I've wanted to quit for a long time and, now that I have finally decided to quit... I feel better.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club.

- clark

SunnyC247 said...

Quitting Facebook?
Give me five!
Welcome to the club!

diego.a said...

I'm with you, Clark, and BlazeMaster.

I hope you post any backlash from "friends" who give you grief for not using it. It should be entertaining: "What?! You closed your account?! Why? What's wrong with you? Are you back on drugs?"

Stick it to the Man.

Dave Walker said...

Congratulations Mike.
I gave it up two years ago.
Best thing I ever did.
I really notice how much my friends use it in conversation now and how inane those conversations tend to be.
It's difficult not to become a bit evangelical when you first give it up, like going from PC to Mac, but once I tempered that it was happy days.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Dave! You rock!

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