Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What the Hell is Going On? Today's Crazy Japan News

Seriously, what the hell is going on here? Today's news in usually quiet Japan is a full year's worth of bizarre stuff.

Here's the weird headlines:

Tornados in Japan?! WTF?

You're kidding, right? Wrong!

Watch this video. It will blow your mind!

Playing golf!!!???

What do they mean by writing, “Sex shop worker ‘falls’...” Do they infer foul play?

This doesn’t seem like Japan news... This seems like USA news. What’s going on here?

I hope this is juke a fluke and a one-day happening. 

1 comment:

Andrew Joseph said...

Yeah, I saw these stories and wondered - ho-hum, just another day in Japan. I guess I didn't take into account that it was a slow news day otherwise.
So it is true? Tornadoes ARE rare in Japan? I assumed so, but we get those here in and around Toronto rarely. Microbursts are a bit more common. And, I did have my car hit by a dust devil when driving across Alberta once.
Still, this tormnado in nearby Barrie, Ontario was a nasty one:

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