Friday, May 18, 2012

Gold Price Soars Today - Best Place to Buy Gold and Silver in Japan

Finally! I think I've found the best place to buy gold and silver in Tokyo. The place is called Ishifuku Metals and it is located in several locations around Japan. In Tokyo, it is just a 20 second walk from Kanda station on the JR line.

I went there the other day and found that Ishifuku's price on a 20 gram gold bar was a full ¥2,000 yen lower than the price on the place I usually go to in Okachimachi (I won't go there anymore!). 

Ishifuku Metals is not a just wholesale metals dealer, they are a metals factory that provides materials for medical uses and dentistry as well as for product manufacturers. Since they are a factory, buying from Ishifuku gives you rock bottom prices since there is no middle man. And, of course, they also sell to the public just like a regular gold or precious metals dealer.

Ishifuku Metals has been in business since 1930 so you know they are a reputable company and the service is excellent..

Address in Tokyo is:

Uchi Kanda 3-20-7, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-8654

Tel: 03-3252-3131

Other locations? Here.


Mark said...

Hey Mike, Ishifuku is a major dealer in Japan and very reputable. The other place you used to go to is ok, but they charge a premium for the smaller ingots. Best to go with a place that charges the same price for a 20g ingot and a 100g ingot. After that you will usually see a discount on 500g and 1kg bars.

Now the next key point is that any sale over 2,000,000 JPY will need to be reported to the authorities. Therefore, you will see an increasing demand for that smaller bars. Of course when you go to sell any size, the dealer will need your ID, but over 2,000,000 they will need to report it.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks Mark!

Harga Emas said...

Thanks mark. Do you have some tips for me? I want invest gold

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Marc Faber: Buy Some Gold Every Month “Forever”

Unknown said...

Nice blog and information about which is the best place to buy gold.

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