Matsuchiyo - The Life of a Geisha

My best friend, Ken Nishikawa, who I often make music videos and documentaries with, has just completed a one-hour long documentary about the life of one of Japan's last true Geisha. 


Matsuchiyo circa 1965

The film is entitled, "Matsuchiyo - The Life of a Geisha" and is scheduled to premiere at film festivals later this year. Please enjoy the trailer.

I was proud to be able to help Ken out in a very small way with this wonderful and fascinating film. 

Matsuchiyo was one of the top geisha in Japan. Here she is with 
Hollywood Movie-star Edward G. Robinson in the 1950s

I'll be linking to the full length film as soon as some items concerning publishing rights, etc. are cleared. This is a fantastic film, folks!


See Ken Nishikawa's Youtube channel here.


Andrew Joseph said…
Awesome Mike!
First - who is the Narrator? He's got a wonderful voice! Like it has a hint of UK English in it!
As for the movie - it sounds great. A fascinating look at what I would assume to be a dying breed. I know there are geisha about nowadays, but she's one of the classic ones!
How old is she now? 75+ if she was with Edward G (nyahhh) Robinson, see?
I am intrigued!

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