One of Japan's Best Indies Band: Moja - Newest Video, "China"

I've mentioned before that I think Moja is one of Japan's best indies bands.
Moja are a drum and bass duo with a guy named Haruhiko and a goddess on drums named Masumi. 

Moja just returned from a European tour and played at SXSW last year. Here is an interview with Moja if you want to get to know them better.

My good friend Ken Nishikawa and I have made two videos for Moja so far.

Here is the most recent (just finished today). This is a promo video for a song entitled, "China."

And one we made about one year ago. This song is entitled, "Hello Hello." By the way, this video was given rave reviews in the UK , most notably from the drummer of the Libertines on a cool website called, 25 Hour Convenience Store.

Ken and I want to make more music videos so if you are interested, please let me know.

Visit Moja on Myspace here.



Anonymous said…
Honestly I was expecting more than some punk rock of sorts. There's no hooks. If the hit industry is the one you bemoan, I personally think its pretty awesome...
Anonymous said…
I liked the video editing. I liked the newspaper-closeup dot look (always) and the nunchaku thing (at first). In Hello Hello, I liked all the middle sequence especially the graphics (orange/yellow) before and when they where moving their feet around. Two songs with drastically different tempos/Speeds IMO. @.
It is difficult to capture the essence of this band in a video. This is definitely NOT a punk rock band. They are both Jazz musicians graduated from Boston University... I'd best describe their live shows as "Japanese festival" (you know, Japanese drummers style) or heavy drum & bass... Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Andrew Joseph said…
Good stuff. Classical Chinese music at the beginning. Not bad at all. I don't think it's their best, however.
Video-wise... you talk up the fact that the drummer is a goddess, but you don't focus enough on her face for us to gaze upon her beauty. I only know and agree that she is a goddess from having seen pics of her before.
HH is an awesome bassist. Despite the song being so-so for me, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing a bass played like I have never seen. Stu Hamm might like to see this...
Marc Sheffner said…
Off-topic, but I'm looking for a (Japanese) video-editing software. Any recommendations? I don't need anything fancy.

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