What a Great Party! In Tokyo, Japan!

OK. We had a BBQ party. I got really freaking drunk. So did everyone else who came. It was a wonderful time. Thank you all to those who came and had fun.

This is our "family photo."


It didn't nearly have as many people as the last event (maybe because everyone is gone during Golden Week) but it was fun and not at all lonely! And, the party had nothing to do with 76.1 InterFM's 6 O'Clock Yatsura FM radio program that starts at 6 pm ~ 8 pm every Monday ~ Friday Night.

Later on when the party was pretty much rolling, it rained like a Mutha F*ckha and we hid beneath the blue tarp! 

Seriously, we hid under the tarp because it rained like hell for 20 minutes!

Wow! What a fun and memorable party! Thanks to everyone!


Andrew Joseph said…
Sounds like a fun time! I gave my dog a bath. I need a drink. Got any left overs? No wait... Japanese party? There are no alcoholic leftovers, except for the hangover!
By the way... this party was in the same spot as the last one?
Same spot! We do it there because it is really inconvenient for everyone... Seriously. It keeps the crowd down. When we did it at the big park near harajuku (Yoyogi park) we had nearly 500 people there and I screwed up by neck so bad from shaking everyone's hands that I had to do acupuncture for the pain!

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